Sweetness of caribbean scenes by Ann-Marie Hadeed

Borned in a very artistic family, Ann-Marie Hadeed was always surrounded by art and creativity. This 25 years old artist from Trinidad and Tobago, makes us discover through her brush cultural landscapes : traditional houses, sandy beach and tropical flowers. Those canvas show the similarities of our islands, and our powerful identity : The Caribbean.

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C - When did you start to make art ? Tell me about yourself

A - I have been painting my entire life, but I would say that it was when I hit the age of 13 that I truly gained a passion for painting and took it seriously. Oneday, I was asked to do a biography in school, on an inspiring person, that was when I discovered Boscoe Holder, a well known and famous artist throughout the caribbean. 

I interviewed him for my assignment and I remember the way he spoke to me about his love for art and performance and it was so inspiring. He was the one that opened my eyes more to art, therefore beginning my journey towards creating art pieces.   

The Head Tie by Boscoe Holder

C - I love the way you painted Botanics, atypical Caribbean houses, our special flowers varieties. What inspires you? What is your main art inspiration?

A - My main inspiration is the incredible island that I live in. Trinidad and Tobago is surrounded by beautiful nature, Historical and unique architecture as well as breathtaking scenic views. Every where I turn there is a flower or a building that catches my attention and gives me the inspiration to pick up a paint brush and create.   

C - What are your main creative tools? Oil, acrylic, computer ...

A - My main creative tools are paint brushes, canvas and acrylic paint, it’s all I need to create. I mainly work with acrylic paint because I have found a sense of comfort  with it 

and I have become quite attached. I also enjoy working with ink, drawing is another form of art that I spend quite some time doing. 

Crédit photo : @amh_creations

C - How the Caribbean culture influences your artwork ?   

A - The Caribbean culture is my influence. I love to paint beautiful things, so being surrounded by it all the time, means I am constantly inspired. I am always taking pictures of different things that I can paint, whether it’s a simple leaf to a huge building, I don’t like to miss an opportunity to paint something new and eye catching. Trinidad is an island surrounded by culture, through  music, art, performance and creativity. There is culture everywhere you go, therefore making it hard not to get inspired.  

« The Caribbean culture is my influence. I love to paint beautiful things, so being surrounded by it all the time »

C - Can you explain to me your career path ? What is your job currently? What are your future projects ?  

A - I graduated from the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury, England with a BA in Fine art. After graduating I moved back to Trinidad and interned in an advertising agency, where I learned about advertising and graphic design. Through out my time in advertising, I continued to paint on my own time.

After leaving the agency, I had more time to paint and that is when I began selling my work. I am still currently working in advertising but as a Freelance Graphic designer. I also paint and sell throughout the year.

Through Instagram, Facebook, friends and family I am always getting orders to do commissioned work. I have a good balance between graphic work and painting, however, painting will always be my number one passion. 

« I was not accustomed to drawing or painting houses at the time, so when I finished this artwork I was amazed with how it came out »

C - Have you ever hold exhibitions? If yes, where, when? Are there any upcoming exhibitions? 

A - When I was 18 I had several pieces exhibited in the National Museum and Art Gallery in Trinidad, for an art competition held for students in art, where I was awarded for two of my pieces. I am currently working towards having my first solo exhibition, hopefully by early next year. I have been exhibiting and selling my paintings through different well known markets throughout Trinidad for the last 3 years and I continue to do so in the next upcoming months.

C - What is the favorite artwork you’ve made ? Why ?

A - I  have two pieces that are my favorite. The first is the painting I did of the waterfall. I remember how happy I felt after completing this piece, It was the first time I felt content with the way I was able to capture the scene. The next piece that is my favorite would be the drawing of my first ginger bread house.

I was not accustomed to drawing or painting houses at the time, so when I finished this artwork I was amazed with how it came out, I didn’t realize that I was capable of drawing something with such detail. After doing this piece, it inspired me to paint and draw more of the historic houses in Trinidad and Tobago.

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