The beauty of Angel M's exotic women

Mis à jour : 17 sept. 2018

Angélique Munier, under her instagram name @angeldeberg, is our 2nd international artist on Caribeart (the first is here), she makes us discover under her digital brush exotic beauties. This young illustrator transports us into her fantasy world of beautiful women a bit magical.

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C - Who is Angel.M? I noticed that you like tropical things a lot, that's why I thought of you for Caribeart. Where do you come from ?

A - First of all, thank you for this interview! What to say ? I am a young self-taught illustrator. I have always been drawing and I have been freelancing since 2017. In parallel, I am preparing for the profession of professor of literature.

As for the tropical theme, you've seen it right! I come from the Côte d'Azur but I live in Paris for my studies. The sea and the sun I miss terribly ... so I compensate with summer and colorful illustrations!

Illustration is a way for me to get out of reality, shake up the norms and escape the monotony of everyday life. That's why I like to put my characters in a slightly fanciful, magical or futuristic atmosphere or universe.

« I wanted to reclaim the female body to represent it according to my own vision: less sexualized, more incarnated and more diverse. »

C - You have a very feminine, delicate and sensual style. A stroke of a pencil that primarily emphasizes the woman, in all its forms and beauties. What inspires you ? Tell us about your universe.

A - I admit that I am slightly obsessed with women's portraits! It may be my feminist side that expresses itself unconsciously. Since I was a little girl, I used to see the woman drawn or photographed by men. I have probably wanted to reclaim the female body to represent it according to my own vision: less sexualized, more incarnated and more diverse.

That's why I often put faces forward rather than bodies. My female characters are never empty shells, I always try to imagine their personality, their feelings or their thoughts to make them reflect later in my work.

Crédit photo : Angelique Munier - @angeldeberg

C - You are very active on Instagram, sharing your achievements. What are you doing now ? What are your future projects?

A - Currently I am in a phase of progression and training. I try to touch everything and understand a maximum of techniques, styles, from the realistic reproduction of photos to stylized drawing very girly.

I am a little chameleon. This allows me to meet the varied expectations of my clients. Most often, I create custom orders for individuals (portraits, blog banners, announcements). I'm also working for an accessory designer (@pygmalioncreation) and I hope to be able to collaborate with a publishing house soon!

« J’ai commencé mon aventure sur Instagram en cherchant tout d’abord à rencontrer d’autres esprits créatifs (...) Je ne m’attendais à rien et pourtant… ce fut une révélation »

C - What are your main creative tools: pencils, charcoal, graphic tablet?

A - Most of the time I work with a tablet and a software (photoshop). The computer frames me because I am very confused: I have no patience, I favor the energy of the line, the abstract decorations ...

It also happens to me to mix several media, by mixing pencil and colors with the computer for example. But that does not prevent me from regularly leaving my brushes or my charcoals.

C - You are very active on Instagram, quite complicit with your subscribers. Without taboos, what did social networks bring you?

A -I started my adventure on Instagram by first trying to meet other creative minds, in all areas. I did not expect anything and yet ... it was a revelation! I found support, kindness, inspiration, everything I needed to finally move forward.

Thanks to the people who follow me and encourage me, I have made incredible progress. So to thank them, I invented a #sketchmeangy hashtag. When I have some free time, I draw a picture that inspires me and I reproduce it.

C - What is the work you are most proud of, and why ?

A -I have a love / hate relationship with my drawings. The more time passes and the more their faults jump in my eyes. And then, my tastes are constantly changing (#vive). At this moment, I have a weakness for my fanart of « Blade Runner 2049 ».

Just because I find it complete and it includes a little everything I love to do. I also like my pencil portraits and some realistic reproductions in digital painting.

It's a real pleasure to share international artists with you: Caribeart is also a magazine that introduces you to artists with Caribbean and exotic connotations. Angel was a favorite, a young artist full of talent, to whom we wish success!

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