The beauty of Ebony Women by Aisha Mohamed

Mis à jour : 15 sept. 2018

Discover ebony women as never before, enhance thanks to the powerful, magical and colorful atmosphere that Aisha Mohamed created. A multicultural young woman, Somali-British digital artist from South London. She started on Tumblr as teenager, and finished with Photoshop on Instagram. A digital artist was born, enjoy watching her glow up.

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C - You have many black models on your digital arts. Why ? How the black culture influences your artwork ?

A - Black women are my muse. I feel like there's a responsibility to represent black women in a variety of different ways - and I hope I do that with my art. I feel like white media push this narrative of the 'strong black women' or the 'ghetto bitch' without showing that we're multi-faceted and we can actually be more than one thing.

Black culture is my everyday life so it makes sense that my life experiences, and black peoples around me, influence my art.

I've always said black women, in all their shapes, forms and sizes have inspired me

C - Can you explain to me your career path ? What is your job currently ? Do you have any projects coming ?

A - At the moment, I work in a legal firm doing communications. I haven't pursued my art career yet but one day! In the meantime, I create when I can. I want to be able to do magazines and assist on shoots though. 

C - Have you ever hold exhibitions ? If yes, where, when ? Is there any upcoming exhibitions ?

A - I haven't actually! It's definitely something I would love to do though - maybe a 2019 goal. 

Crédit photo : Aisha Mohamed - @artsyblackheaux

C - I love the way you mix photo, pattern, colorful wallpaper. It's spotlights the subject and give a mystical atmosphere. What inspires you? What is your main art inspiration ?

A - I've always said black women, in all their shapes, forms and sizes have inspired me. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. It's our vulnerability, our strength, our highs and our lows that give me the inspiration to create.

C - What is the favorite artwork you’ve made ? Why ?

A - As Black As The Cosmos. It was the first thing I made that really blew me away. I was not only proud of myself but it kind of solidified that this is what I want and need to do.

Aisha is the first international artist on Caribeart. Caribbean culture is meltingpot, an open culture, that's why sometimes we going to make you discover fiew international artists, always on our topics : with an caribbean, islands, black culture or exotic vybz. I hope you'll enjoy it !

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