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© 2018 - Caribeart - All right reserved - Website by Kimberley DEMAGNY

Caribeart is the first web magazine about Caribbean Art. Founded in 2018 with the primary desire to help, develop and offer visibility to artists from the Caribbean. 


We like the idea of uniting our sister islands around a significant theme, that is Art. Our main goals : share new styles, new people, new genres. 


Thanks to interviews without taboo, discover non-standard artworks, more importantly, the artists who hide behind. Painters, sculptors, digital artists ... Our islands are full of talents. Famous artists to the young newcomer, they will surprise you! 


Without the language barrier, we want the world to discover, what is our culture : identity, roots, history, and especially its actors. 



We hope you enjoy this new type of magazine! Thank you for your support. Together, we are stronger ♥︎